Friday, April 20, 2018

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Raminder Singh Bags Chip Lead, Earns A Seat Into Next Week's $1,100 NLH Single-Ante

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 16 (Blinds 2,000/4,000/500)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 159

Flight 1E Players Remaining: 21

Raminder Singh (Delray Beach, FL) was all business this afternoon, and found himself atop the flight's leaderboard once all hands were finished across the field. 

Raminder Singh (Delray Beach, FL) entered Flight 1E just after the halfway point of registration, and immediately made an impact at his table.  While he spent most of the day above the chip average, it wasn't until the final two levels, that he found himself towards the top of the leaderboard.  Singh unofficially bagged over 300,000, which was a healthy margin more than names like JC Madrid, Michelle Roth, and Charlie MacLennan.

Official chip counts from the flight will be posted once all bags have been verified by tournament staff.  This will conclude live blogged coverage for the day, but followers can check back late this evening (it's really early tomorrow morning for official chip counts from Flight 1F.

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Entering The Final Level Of Flight 1E

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 16 (Blinds 2,000/4,000/500)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 159

Flight 1E Players Remaining: 26

The tournament clock just transitioned into Level 16, which is the final scheduled level of flight.  Players will continue through the 10:00 minute mark, at which point the clock will be paused, and the amount of hands remaining will be announced.  Once those hands are finished at each table, the bagging process will begin, and players will pack up their chips for Sunday (Day 2 at 12:00pm).

The official chip counts from the flight, along with the winner of the chip lead bonus, will be posted once all bags have been verified.

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Lineups Of The Three Flight 1E Tables That Remain

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 15 (Blinds 1,500/3,000/500)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 159

Flight 1E Players Remaining: 28

With two levels remaining in Flight 1E, the seating assignments for the final three tables across the tournament floor, are listed below:

Table 1
  1. Adam Beyrer
  2. John Nguyen
  3. Philip Consolo
  4. Dolphus Powers
  5. Alex Carfagno
  6. JC Madrid
  7. Howard Newman
  8. Roberto Forges
  9. Alvaro Grisales
Table 2
  1. Margaret Martin
  2. Charlie MacLennan
  3. Dmitry Agrachov
  4. Raminder Singh
  5. Pasquale Caiazza
  6. Skip McDonough
  7. Juan Ferrer
  8. Shawn Mohamed
Table 3
  1. Craig Witz
  2. John Vidal
  3. Michelle Roth
  4. Ira Horowitz
  5. Al Gomez
  6. Emanuel Orlang
  7. Scott Levitt
  8. Garrick Young
  9. Jessica Beyrer
  10. Preecha Taepakdee

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Updated Chip Counts After Final Flight 1E Break

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 13 (Blinds 1,000/2,000/300)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 159

Flight 1E Players Remaining: 37

John Vidal (Pompano Beach, FL) may be in the middle of the pack at the moment, but he's only a few pots away from chip lead bonus contention.

Players are now back from the final break of the flight, with updated chip counts from the field listed below.  Preecha Taepakdee (Boynton Beach, FL) still has a commanding chip lead over the remaining players, but we've seen how things can change over the final three levels.  

Preecha Taepakdee - 235,000
Garrick Young - 170,000
Pasquale Caiazza - 170,000
Michelle Roth - 165,000
Dmitry Agrachov - 145,000
Roberto Forges - 130,000
Al Gomez - 125,000
John Vidal - 110,000
Howard Newman - 100,000
Dolphus Powers - 100,000

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Garrick Young Joins The Group Up Top, Looking To Add Another Win To his Resume

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 12 (Blinds 800/1,600/300)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 159

Flight 1E Players Remaining: 44

Garrick Young's (Miami Gardens, FL) table has been pretty chatty, with no shortage of needling between players that are sharing the felt.

As we head towards the final break of Flight 1E, one of the most recent Battles At The Beach champions is climbing up the leaderboard.  Garrick Young (Miami Gardens, FL) reached two final tables during the series, including a win in Event #13 ($175 No Limit Hold'em Single-Ante).  The $4,963 that Young earned for first place was the largest cash of his career, with his second largest result coming just a week later, when he finished third in Event #17 ($150 No Limit Hold'em).

Garrick Young - 148,000 (92bb)

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Taepakdee Gets The "Double Feature," After Reaching The 200,000 Mark

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 11 (Blinds 600/1,200/200)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 157

Flight 1E Players Remaining: 54

Preecha Taepakdee (Boynton Beach, FL) is now the overwhelming Flight 1E chip leader, hoping for things to stay that way for the remaining five levels.

It's not often that a player gets featured in back-to-back blog posts, but sometimes these stories just write themselves.  After collecting the updated chip counts, Preecha Taepakdee and Georges Boyadjian would be spotted in a pot against each other.  The two players were on the turn, with a board that read A 3 2 4, and Preecha first to act (from the small blind).  Boyadjian had his hand extended towards the muck, like he was going to fold to any bet, but ended up calling the 4,000 wager from Preecha.  The board would then complete with the 9on the river, with Taepakdee firing out 16,000.  Georges quickly made the call, and watched as Preecha tabled A Q, having turned the flush (after flopping top pair).  Boyadjian flashed the 5, before mucking his hand, having turned the wheel.  

With that pot, Taepakdee eclipses the 200,000 mark, and gains himself some separation from the rest of the field. 

Preecha Taepakdee - 210,000 (175bb)

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Updated Chip Counts From The Flight 1E Field

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 10 (Blinds 500/1,000/200)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 159

Flight 1E Players Remaining: 62

Preecha Taepakdee (Boynton Beach, FL) is sitting with the second largest stack in the field, and would be a favorite to be involved in the final race for the chip lead.

Since her strong start, Michelle Roth has continued the upward trend, and sits as the flight's chip leader in Level 10 (145,000). Just a few thousand chips behind Roth is Preecha Taepakdee (Boynton Beach, FL), who is coming off his first cash in four months.  Preecha puts in solid tournament hours, but only selects particular tournaments to play throughout the year.  His most recent entry was in the $3,500 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship Event, in which he finished in 46th place ($14,536).  The result would bring Preecha's career earnings above $140,000, and clearly gave him the tournament bug, after the sizable gap between cashes.

A lap around the field yielded some of the top stacks from Level 10:

Michelle Roth - 145,000 (145bb)
Preecha Taepakdee - 140,000 (140bb)
Pasquale Caiazza - 130,000 (130bb)
Howard Newman - 100,000 (100bb)
Craig Witz - 90,000 (90bb)
Al Gomez - 85,000 (85bb)
Jake Embres - 81,000 (81bb)
Steven Bennett - 60,000 (60bb)

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Flight 1E Closes With (159) Entries, Posted Guarantee To Be Reached This Evening

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 9 (Blinds 400/800/100)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 157

Flight 1E Players Remaining: 75

Flight 1E of the $175 No Limit Hold'em ($100,000 GTD) has officially closed with (159) entries, making it the second largest of the five flights to have been played.  The combined prize pool is now at $83,160, with only (128) entries needed to reach the posted guarantee.  That number should be easily attainable this evening, meaning tomorrow's flights (which are often the largest) will just be padding the overall prize pool.  This final number could fall somewhere in the $140,000-$150,000 range, with the posted first place prize ending up north of $25,000.

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Pasquale Caiazza Leads As Registration For Flight 1E Closes

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 8 (Blinds 300/600/75)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 152

Pasquale Caiazza (Davie, FL) waits to hear a ruling from the tournament staff, in regards to a misunderstanding during a recent hand.

Just over half of the field remains, as players head on their second break of the day, returning to Level 9 in a few short minutes (400/800/100).  Pascuale Caiazza (Davie, FL) leads the group with just over 130,000, and sits as just one of a few that have eclipsed the century mark.  Caiazza is an accomplished tournament player, with over $204,000 in career earnings, including a deep run in the most recent $1,100 No Limit Hold'em WPTDeepstacks Immokalee event.  Pasquale reached the final four tables of the  tournament, finishing in 29th place, and earning $3,627.

Once play resumes, we will update followers of the official numbers from the flight, and then publish the first list of updated chip counts from the field.

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Eddy Espinosa Sends One To The Exits, Continues Upward Trend

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 7 (Blinds 250/500/75)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 149

Eddy Espinosa (Lake Worth, FL) is one of the early leaders in the field, and could be putting himself in contention for a seat in the largest buy-in event he ever played.

As we were passing Table 3, Robert Golden would be all-in and at risk against Eddy Espinosa (Lake Worth, FL), who was already off to a fast start.  When the cards were tabled, Espinosa held a commanding lead, with Q♠ Q♣ against the J J of Golden.  The board ran out with no card higher than a seven, and Eddy would send Golden packing.  Espinosa was one of the chip leaders before that pot took place, and now finds himself one of the top five stacks in the room (75,000).

Just a min-cash in the event would likely be Espinosa's largest score to date, as he has four recorded results on Hendon Mob, with the largest coming back in 2016 ($130 No Limit Hold'em event at Coconut Creek).  Considering the posted tournament history for Eddy, a deep run in this tournament would likely be a career highlight.  

Eddy Espinosa - 75,000 (150bb)

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Scott Levitt Part Of Late Arriving Group, Guarantee In Sight Tonight

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 6 (Blinds 200/400/50)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 123

It had been a while since we saw Scott Levitt (Delray Beach, FL) in a tournament field at the Isle Poker Room, but he's now seated for the first time since the Battles At The Beach.

The Flight 1E field is continuing to grow by the minute, as a late rush of players just took their seats across the tournament floor.  One of those players was Scott Levitt (Delray Beach, FL), who is just over a month removed from a incredible two week span at Hard Rock.  During their most recent Escalator Series, Levitt finished third in both the $250 No Limit Hold'em, and the $350 No Limit Hold'em.  Each result was worth over $31,000, and helped Scott bring his lifetime earnings north of the $200,000 mark (his earnings now sit at $216,673).  Joining Levitt in the field just a few moments ago were:

John Nguyen
Al Gomez
Walter Swirsky
Evan Kahan
Douglas Baer
Preach Taepakdee
Pasquale Caiazza
Ronald Johnston
Raymond Winters

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Steven Zukowski Looking To Grab That First Five-Figure Score

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 5 (Blinds 150/300/50)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 110

Steven Zukowski (Pompano Beach, FL) is sporting his standard tournament poker attire, which includes the mirrored shades and black hat.

The cards are back in the air, and as the field continues to grow, so does the list of notables.  Steven Zukowski (Pompano Beach, FL) was spotted just before break, and is a player in the field that's on the precipice of something big.  The more time and study that players put into this complex game, the more they see success, as has been the case with Zukowski.  He plays in at least three or four tournaments on a weekly basis, and has already recorded (21) cashes this year alone.  His lifetime earnings are just shy of $74,000, and what makes that number even more impressive, is that he's reached that point without a score over $10,000.  

Steven's best cash came back in 2013, when he won a $65 No Limit Hold'em event here at the Isle Poker Room, that had a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool.  The first place money was worth $9,000, which still stands atop his results.  A final table run in this event will definitely yield numbers north of $10,000, so that's exactly what Zukowski has his eye on.

Steven heads our second look at notables in the field, including the likes of:

Jacquelyn Scott
Alberto Niebla
Curtis Daye
Lawrence Klur
Raymond McDonough
Dmitry Agrachov
Steven Bennett
Oneil McCalla
Paul Mabel
Garrick Young
Christopher Gilkey
Craig Witz

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Looking At The Long List Of Notables In The Field, Michelle Roth Flipping The Script

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 4 (Blinds 100/200/25)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 100

Michelle Roth (Seminole, FL) is usually pitching the squares, but today she's trying to book herself a return trip on Sunday (for Day 2).

Michelle Roth (Seminole, FL) may not be familiar to followers of the blog, but you can be sure that most of the players in the field recognize her, as she is a dealer at one of the nearby poker rooms.  While she spends most of her time dealing out the pocket aces, the strict was flipped moments ago, as she knocked out Michael Inger.  Michelle got it in on the Q 8♠ 3 flop, holding A A♠ against Inger's K Q, with the turn and river giving her a winning flush (even though the pocket aces were good).  Roth is now over 35,000, and hopes to continue the upward trend over the course of the day.  In regards to Michelle's tournament resume, she has over $14,230 in career earnings, including seven final table finishes (in eleven total results).

Michelle headlines the first group of notables in the field, which is seemingly growing longer as each starting flight passes:

Alan Dobrow
Thomas Gari
Neil Blumenfield
David Oshry
Eric Piderit
Scott Zakheim
Terry Siele
Ira Horowitz
Michael Corbett
Jessica Beyrer
Francis Margaglione

Players will be taking their first break at the end of this level, returning to Level 5, and new blinds of 150/300/50.  Once the action resumes, we will continue the coverage with a second look at notables in the field.

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Official Chip Counts (Flight 1A-Flight 1D)

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 3 (Blinds 75/150/25)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 80

"175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): If This Event Is A Sign Of Things To Come, Next Week's $1,100 NLH Single-Ante Is Going To Be A Can't Miss

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 2 (Blinds 50/100)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 67

Before delving into today's action, we are going to give blog followers a brief reminder about next week's big tournament.  The $1,100 No Limit Hold'em Single-Ante ($200,000 GTD) is the poker room's first multi-flight event to use the single-ante format, which has become so popular since introducing it to the Florida poker community last August.  The $1,100 price point is also running outside of the series for the first time ever, boasting a very healthy guaranteed prize pool of $200,000.  If that number seems a little out of reach for players, there are numerous (which is an understatement) opportunities to join for a fraction of the prize.  Beginning on April 23rd (Monday), and running through the final opening day of the tournament, a wide array of satellites are offered for players.  The above structure sheet and flyer list all of the information players would need to know in regards to the tournament.

"$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1E): Another Group Trying To Find A Bag, Action For Flight 1E Underway

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 1 (Blinds 25/50)
Total Flight 1E Entries: 55

The cards are already in the air for Flight 1E of the $175 No Limit Hold'em ($100,000 GTD), with the action off to yet another fast start.  The combined field from the first four flights reached (471) after the close of registration for Flight 1D, which is a higher number than anyone could have expected.  The prize pool is already over $62,000, and with the trends we've seen leading up to these final four flights, the idea of reaching $150,000 is a reality.  Of those combined entries, (57) players have successfully found a bag, led by the following (from each flight):

Flight 1A: Anthony Abdo (289,000)
Flight 1B: Joseph Marchese (331,500)
Flight 1C: Tom Gity (212,500)
Flight 1D: Antoine Bahi (413,000)

Today's flights carry the same structure as those that came before, with starting stacks of 18,000 units, and levels that will last (25) minutes over the course of the event.  Registration is open through Level 8 (and the break that follows), with the day scheduled to end at the conclusion of Level 16 (or if the 10% mark is reached).  There are four more starting flights over the next two days, with an afternoon (11:00am) and evening (6:00pm) flight.  Players that successfully bag chips for Day 2 will be returning this Sunday, with action resuming at 12:00pm.  The chip lead bonus is also back (as we just mentioned), with the top stack from each starting flight, earning a seat into next week's $1,100 No Limit Hold'em Single-Ante ($200,000 GTD).

Friday, April 20th: As The Weekend Begins, The Numbers Continue To Be Staggering For $100,000 Guaranteed Multi

ICYMI: The $175 No Limit Hold'em ($100,000 GTD) is now at its halfway point, and the numbers so far have been beyond impressive.  After the opening pair of flights attracted (211) entries, yesterday's second pair of flights drew a total of (251) entries, a majority of which were in the evening flight (Flight 1D).  The afternoon flight (Flight 1C) saw registration close with (99) entries, with (15) players successfully reaching the bagging the process.  The race for the chip lead bonus came down to the final hand of the day, with Tom Gity (Pompano Beach, FL) collecting a small pot, that would put him in the top spot.  Gity would earn a seat into next weeks $1,100 No Limit Hold'em Single-Ante ($200,000 GTD), and was joined by Antoine Bahi, who ended up bagging the largest Flight 1D stack (and overall stack).  A total of (161) entries were in the flight at the point registration closed, with (18) players successfully bagging chips.  Bahi put 413,000 in the bag for Day 2, which is the largest overall stack, almost 80,000 chips clear of his nearest opponent.  Other top stacks from the second day of play belonged to Chad Millward (320,500), Jose De La Cruz (278,500), Gilbert Sanchez (211,500), Damien Simon (205,500), and Donald Williams (200,500).

So after four opening flights, the tournament has attracted a total of (471) entries, with (57) people having already booked tickets to Sunday's Day 2.  The current prize pool sits at $62,172, which is well ahead of the pace needed to reach the guaranteed number.  There are still four flights remaining, including two today, and two on tomorrow's schedule.

Tournaments: The $175 No Limit Hold'em ($100,000 GTD) rolls on today, as the month's first multi-day tournament grows even larger than ever expected.  There will be six four flights over the next two days, with players that successfully bag chips, returning on Sunday for Day 2.  The tournament is structured with starting stacks of 18,000 units, and levels that will last (25) minutes over the course of the tournament.  Registration is open through Level 8 (and the break that follows), with the opening flights scheduled to play through Level 16 (or unless the 10% mark is reached before that point).  The chip lead bonus is back in a big way, as the largest stack bagged from each flight, will earn a seat into next week's $1,100 No Limit Hold'em Single-Ante ($200,000 GTD).  The next four days will have two flights each, with an afternoon flight (11:00am), and an evening flight (6:00pm).  Live blogged coverage will be available during each afternoon flight, as well as Day 2 (detailed coverage).

Promotions: From (9:00am-10:00am), the high hand will award $150 every (30) minutes.  The high hands will then transition from 10:00am-12:00am (midnight), with the opportunity to win $400 every (30) minutes.  During that period, the promotion sees tournament players eligible (Isle Open events not eligible for high hand) each half-hour for $100 high hands, 2/2 limit hold'em players eligible for $200 high hands, 2/4 limit hold'em players eligible for $300 high hands, and all other raked games (1/2-5/10 NLH, 4/8 Omaha 8B, 6/12 O.E., etc.) eligible for $400 high hands.  From 12:00am-9:00am, players are eligible for $100 high hands every hour.

It should also be noted that started back on November 1st, players are able to win the high hand using only one card in their hand!!!  The payouts for those that use one card are different than the standard numbers listed above, and can be found (full listing of one-card payouts on flyers in the poker room).

11:00am -  $175 No Limit Hold'em - Flight 1E ($100,000 GTD) 

- Players start with 18,000 in tournament chips
- Late and re-entries for the first (8) levels
- Alternates and late entries will start with a full stack
- Levels will last (25) minutes
- All Day 1's will play (16) complete levels or until 10% of the field remains (whichever comes first)

6:00pm - $175 No Limit Hold'em - Flight 1F ($100,000 GTD) 

- Players start with 18,000 in tournament chips
- Late and re-entries for the first (8) levels
- Alternates and late entries will start with a full stack
- Levels will last (25) minutes
- All Day 1's will play (16) complete levels or until 10% of the field remains (whichever comes first)

$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1D): Official End Of Flight 1D Chip Counts

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 16 (Blinds 2,000/4,000/500)
Total Flight 1D Entries: 161

Flight 1D Players Remaining: 18

AntoineBahi D413,000
JoseDe La Cruz278,500
FabioDos Santos119,000
Rudy Vazquez107,500

Thursday, April 19, 2018

$175 NLH $100,000 GTD" (Flight 1C): Official End Of Flight 1C Chip Counts

$175 No Limit Hold'em
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 16 (Blinds 2,000/4,000/500)
Total Flight 1C Entries: 99

Flight 1C Players Remaining: 15

TomGity C212,500
Joe Conti93,000