Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday, September 4th: Wrapping Up The Labor Day Weekend, Lots Of High Hand Money Available

ICYMI: Sunday's tournament action opened at 11:00am with a $150 No Limit Hold'em event.  Even without a posted guarantee, the tournament still drew a total of (31) entries, closing with an official prize pool of $3,565.  The posted payouts saw a first place prize over just over $1,600, but play actually stopped on the money bubble, as players agreed to a deal that paid an extra spot.

  1. Janet Solov (Pompano Beach, FL) $713
  2. Michael Bonnett (Aventura, FL) $713
  3. Maury Halperin (Lauderdale By The Sea, FL) $713
  4. Steven Cardarelli (Boynton Beach, FL) $713
  5. Robert Harrison (Coconut Creek, FL) $713
That tournament was followed at 6:00pm by the $130 No Limit Hold'em "Hard Stop, ICM Chop" ($2,500 GTD).  Contrary to some players beliefs, the tournament does have posted payouts, but ends in an ICM chop once Level 16 is reached (and eight hands are played afterwards).  Last night's event had a field of (38) total entries, and an official prize pool of $3,876.  Just like the afternoon's event, players agreed to a deal early, and also paid an extra spot (as posted payouts saw five spots scheduled to get paid).
  1. Lev Binik (Boca Raton, FL) $729
  2. Robert Perez (Weston, FL) $726
  3. Dean Arahovites (Margate, FL) $526
  4. Sergio Amato (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) $478
  5. David Miller (Davie, FL) $474
  6. James Tomblin II (Wilton Manors, FL) $445

Tournaments: Today marks the first full week of September tournament action, with the afternoon slot (11:00am) filled by the $100 No Limit Hold'em "Big Stack Turbo Bounty" ($2,000 GTD).  Outside of September 18th, when the "Single-Day Series" satellite is running, this is the tournament that will hold the Monday slot.  The tournament is structured with 18,000 unit starting stacks, and turbo levels of (15) minutes.  There is money to be made with each player you bust, as each elimination is worth $25 (bounties).

The "Big Stack Turbo Bounty" is followed at 6:00pm by a $130 No Limit Hold'em event, structured with 16,000 unit starting stacks, and levels that last (20) minutes throughout the evening.  This event has a $25,000 guarantee the next two Mondays, but starts September without a posted number, because of the Labor Day holiday.

Promotions: The "bonus high hand promotion" for the day runs from 10:00am-7:00pm, and offers up $500 to the qualifying high hand every (20) minutes.  This same promotion ran just two days ago, and drew a full house in the poker room, so it's likely that things will get busier earlier than normal.  Outside of the 10:00am-7:00pm time period, standard high hands will be in place, with $200 awarded to the qualifying high hand (every 30 minutes).

11:00am - $100 No Limit Hold'em "Big Stack Turbo" w/ $25 Bounties:
- Players will begin with a 18,000 starting stack
- Late and re-entries for the first (10) levels
- Option player "add-on" at the end of Level 10 ($25 for 10,000 tournament chips), with 100% of the "add-on" going to the prize pool 
- Levels are (15) minutes in length

6:00pm - $130 No Limit Hold'em

- Players will begin with a 16,000 starting stack
- Late and re-entries for the first (8) levels
- Alternates and late entries will receive full stacks
- Levels are (20) minutes in length throughout

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